Monday, May 16, 2016

As We Are, With You

I know, I know. It's been far too long. In some ways Instagram has became my new blog... Life got turned upside down about 6 months ago and I took to posting photos and thoughts there because it was faster, easier, and somehow less threatening. Oddly, I wasn't ready to write about it all here. I haven't printed a picture or scrapbooked at all this year. It's all been very out of the ordinary for me. I haven't stopped taking pictures though. I've found solace and light through the lens.

The short version goes like this... preterm labor. bed-rest. sudden and unexpected death of my father. grief. premature delivery. postpartum anxiety. baby with ongoing infection that led to bacteria in bloodstream. adjusting to being a mama to two. completely in love with this sweet new baby and more in love everyday with his big brother and their daddy. missing my dad like crazy. looking for light and joy and finding it. 

My sweet friend Rhonda who I came to know on the Project Life Creative team invited me to join she and a group of talented photographers in a photo project to include myself in the photo at least once a month with my children, as I am with them, now. Getting in the picture with my boys is something I'm passionate about, so this was right up my alley.

I can't help but smile when I'm soaking up the sunshine and fresh air on these warm spring afternoons with my sweet boys and beloved, albeit overly anxious pup. This is us. right now. Max insisting on being outside as much of the day as possible, completely in love with his little brother, though sometimes (understandably) frustrated with my diverted attention. Ford nestled down in the softness of a blanket, grasping my fingers with his little hands, in wonder at the vibrant colors of the trees and sky, the sound of birds in the trees, and the feeling of sunshine on his skin. Dolly at attention, concerned at the possible threat of the camera's beeping self timer. Me, smiling. In awe of these beautiful little boys who call me mama. There is sadness in loss and sweetness in new life. These little ones are my little sparks, filling my days with so much light and joy.

Thanks for stopping by. Now go take a look at Rhonda and my new photography friends as they get in front of the camera too.