Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Project Life 2015 Creative Team// Weeks 1-2

I am so honored to be a member of Becky Higgins Project Life 2015 Creative Team! I just feel so blessed to share our stories with others who love Project Life too. It's such a perfect solution for me.

I love a good 12x12 scrapbook page. I worked as a professional scrapbooker for several years, and I still get giddy over a great new layout... but I just couldn't keep up-to-date with our stories in that format.

A few years ago I found myself lost in piles of photos, photos that I knew where meaningful in the moment I took them, but by the time I got to scrapbooking it, the memories had faded and I didn't really have the same enthusiasm about telling the story behind the moment captured... "Now when was this?" "I can't remember exactly what was so funny about this picture..." "Where were we again?"

You get the idea.

I will always love traditional scrapbooking, and it works great for special photos and creative ideas, but not my everyday memory keeping. Enter Project Life.

I found a perfect solution in Project Life, created by the oh so lovely Becky Higgins. Project Life makes it possible for me to tell the little day to day stories in an organized fashion while still letting me show my creativity with trendy pocket cards and the occasional embellishment. I just love printing my photos, tucking them away in those little plastic pockets and jotting down my memories while they are fresh. Because of Project Life the last three years of our family's stories are completely up to date! Stories that are so important to me and my little family.

So... I hope you join me this year for lots of fun inspiration and ideas about photography and documenting your memories with Project Life. I can't wait to share more!!

Products used:

Page Protectors Big Variety Pack number 1 design a and e
Good Times Value Kit.
Midnight Edition Core Kit
Coral Edition Core Kit
(Accessories) 4x6 ledger cards

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Self Timer Series// Studio 5// TV Photography Tutorial

One of the highlights of my December was the doing a photography segment on the lifestyle television show Studio 5. I shared some of my favorite tips for using the self-timer and other creative ways for moms to get in the picture... It's a topic I am passionate about!

As moms, we often hide behind the camera, but I want my son to know that I was there too! I want to capture the interactions between us and our relationship right now. A family picture once a year just doesn't tell a complete story... it doesn't adequately show our day to day lives, and that's what I really want to remember. The little moments: Playing cars, looking out the window, going to the park... just everyday Mom and Max moments.

Five tips to make the self-timer work for you:

1. Use a tripod or level surface. You can purchase a small flexible tripod that can easily fit in your camera bag or purse when you are on the go.
2. Set your focus by pressing the shutter down halfway and then switching the focus setting on the lens from auto to manual. This will assure that your focus is locked in and your photo will be nice and sharp.
3. Using natural light will create a properly exposed photograph and capture a soft flattering skin tone. 
4. Use a smaller aperture to keep more of the scene, and subjects, most importantly, in focus.
5. Take a multiple photos to be sure to capture everyone's best expression 

Other creative ways to get in the picture too:

1. Look for shadows, mirrors, or other reflective surfaces to capture an interesting perspective. 
2. You don't have to be entirely in the photo to capture a moment. Try using a wide angle lens and shooting from above to show your perspective. For example, capture yourself holding hands or walking with your little one.
3. Make it fun. My son loves hearing that beep beep beep as the camera counts down. 
4. Try using a remote shutter release instead of the self-timer to capture a series of poses. My son also thinks it's pretty fun to push the remote button!
Click on the link above to watch the segment with more tips and photo inspiration. 

Now go take some pictures with your family, yourself included!