Friday, July 24, 2015

Memory Keeping// Project Life

Just popping in with a few more recent Project Life spreads. We're over half way through the year and I'm loving flipping through my 2015 album and seeing our year documented with so many happy photos and stories.

When I first started Project Life I was still stuck in the style of a traditional professional scrapbooker. At my former job as a studio artist for CTMH I was taught to layer on the embellishments, stamps, ribbons, and buttons. A page was not complete until every scrap had been brushed with ink and stitched with a sewing machine. Hours of work went into every single page I created. I still enjoy this approach now and then for special projects, but it just isn't realistic for keeping up with our everyday photo and stories.

My style has evolved and now I am much more pleased with a clean and simple approach. I like the photos to do the talking. I surround my photos with a lot of white space to keep things visually appealing and cohesive. It's easier, takes less time, costs less, and I like the overall look much better. You can't argue with that!

Thank goodness for the simplicity and ease of Project Life!



  1. I love these images of my sweet, beautiful Little Prince and his family. From the "Peter Pan" shadow on the back fence to his snuggles with Dolly Bear, every one of them make me smile. Thanks for the constant inspiration to record the moments and memories that are precious and important to me.

    Love you most and more!!

  2. I'm still stuck too! In fact I'm so stuck in designing for corporate that I NEVER do my own projects or memory keeping. Sad! Thanks for the reminder that it can be simple and beautiful and not feel like a long work process. You've inspired me to crack open my project life kits that have been gathering dust and start today! Love you, friend. (And congrats on the big news!!)