Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Around Here

I promise... I have project life pages pending, I just need a little sunshine and a dry spot of ground to photograph them. Alas, the snow just keeps falling, and indoor photos may have to suffice.

Around here:
Loving feeling my little Max kick and move. He is an active little bug!
Stretching and growing. 24 weeks along.
Enjoying ice cold lemonade and orange juice. Still can't get enough citrus.
Finally getting over being sick for pretty much the entire month long. Run down.
Excited to be taking a photography class in February.
Trying to appreciate the beauty of this snowy winter.
Grateful for wonderful neighbors and home teachers who've shoveled our walks.
Happy to be cavity free. Unhappy to find out that I have a wisdom tooth that needs to be removed after Max comes. Delivery and oral surgery. Looks like we'll be meeting our deductible this year.
Wondering if we will be moving this Spring, or staying put a little longer than I thought. Want to start decorating a nursery.
Listening to Danny's Song and the Glee Homeward Bound/Home Mash-up. Both very fitting for our lives right now.
Anxiously awaiting Spring. Overwhelmed and excited all at the same time.


1 comment:

  1. I definitely think you deserve a juicer after your pending medical adventures. :) You get already get a cool prize after giving birth (Max!), so what about rewarding yourself before/after the dental stuff? Just a thought.

    Love from warm-ish, humid, rainy, thunderstorm-y Georgia!!

    P.S. So excited to hear all about your photography class!