Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Life Through the Lens// Stylish Little Tot

Let's be honest... I totally love dressing up my little mister and taking pictures. It's kind of my favorite thing to do. He's a good sport about it, for now. I'm pretty sure when he can run away it will be a different story... 

But seriously, that tiny straw fedora and chambray onesie, how could I not take pictures? Oh, I love him so!



  1. I may or may not (OK, I definitely AM) giggling with delight as I look at these adorable pictures. M is a good sport and looks particularly dashing in his onesie and matching fedora -- love how they bring out the intense blue of his eyes! I love the pic of his little bottom and tootsies and that close up is awesome. I wish I were there to snuggle the wee laddie in person. Give him loves from Steffie!

  2. OK, I should probably clarify that the "close up" I thought was awesome was the one of his face, not the adorable bottom end. :)

  3. I loved running into you at the mall. I was sorry to hear about your sweet little boy's challenges. I'll certainly keep him (and you) in my prayers). By the way he is absolutely ADORABLE!