Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Life Through the Lens// Self Portrait Series// Giggles

 Sometimes I set the self-timer and try to capture the little moments that show my life as Maxwell's mommy. We were lucky enough to spend a couple of days at the Grand America while Danny was on business--it was beautiful!  

These photos... you just can't pose smiles like that. I honestly tend to get nervous in front of the camera, but we were just having such a good time that I was completely relaxed and at ease. I look at these photos and I see myself... my best, real self. He makes me laugh. Deep, authentic, honest laughter. I love that about him. I love that I get to share these giggles and smiles with such a special little soul. I am so grateful to be Max's mommy, and I think these photos capture our relationship perfectly. So joyful.  

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  1. So sweet! Love the giggle-fest. :) You can see the pure joy on both of your faces.