Friday, August 23, 2013

Growing Up// 4 Months

Four months ago today, the most beautiful miracle came into my life. I couldn't be more happy to see my little Maxwell growing and thriving. He is such a strong and persistent little boy. I admire his patience, cheerful spirit, and determination.

He melts my heart with every smile and bright-eyed look.
He loves cuddling with Pooh Bear.
Spends lots of time giggling and smiling at his toys.
Loves reading stories and singing songs with Mommy.
Loves sucking his thumb.
Is fascinated with lights, fans, and Dolly.
Has discovered his tongue, hair, and toes.
Is the best sport, even with his persistent acid reflux.
Loves to be held, but enjoys playtime on the floor as long as we are close by.
Will only sleep in my lap from four am on... sometimes earlier.
Is happiest in the morning and evening when he sees his Daddy.
Has lost most of the thick brown hair on top of his head.
Still wears some newborn clothes, but fits his 0-3 month clothing well.
Coos and talks all the time. We have the best conversations, but he saves some secrets for his bears, Henry and MaGroo.
Has the most wonderfully chubby cheeks-- it's such a joy to see him go from 4 lbs to a healthy growing boy
Continues to be the best thing that has ever happened to us.

I love my Max.

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  1. I can't believe it's been 4 months already! I loved chatting with you and M on the phone the other day -- such a happy moment for Aunt Steffie! I miss seeing him growing and learning in person, but I love being able to see it on your blog. Please give the 4-month birthday by a BIG "mwah" and some snuggles from me and Uncle John. We love you guys!