Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Life Through the Lens// Daydreaming

Last year around this time we had our tickets booked for Disneyland and we were happily counting down the days until May 18th--the day we would set off for a sunny California adventure. This year we're anxiously looking forward to May 18th again, but for a much bigger adventure; one that holds a lot more excitement, nervousness, and anticipation--Max's due date. Obviously, the day may come a little sooner or later than that, but for now, it's the spot circled in red on our calendars.

Since sleep is hard to come by these days, I often find myself laying awake, daydreaming about what's ahead. The details are all a bit fuzzy... What will delivery be like? What will Mr M. look like? Where will we bring him home to? Though there are many unknowns, the important parts of the daydream are all there. We are going to love our little boy so much! I can just picture us all together, Dolly included, looking lovingly at little Max. I don't think I'll be able to stop looking at him, taking his picture, smiling, or crying when he is finally here.

Though I enjoy daydreaming about far off places like the streets of Paris or a sunny tropical beach, just picturing our little family at home together is the best kind of daydream.


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