Friday, February 8, 2013

Soundtrack to My Life// You're Gonna Miss This

This morning the snow started falling again. My first thought was to recheck the calendar and count the days til spring. Knowing that counting days only makes me anxious and unhappy, I said a prayer for help to embrace this season with greater patience. Thoughts came piling upon thoughts in response to my prayer. I could just see the seasons of life swiftly coming and going--in my mind, I watched my little Max go from taking his first steps to serving a mission and marriage... I think my mother heart just grew a hundred fold. "Slow down!" I thought, as I pondered on glimpses of what's to come. Suddenly three months time seems so painfully short. For right now, he is just mine... and I'm going to try and embrace every moment of this special time.

What a beautiful answer to my prayer for patience.



  1. Once of my favorite songs ever!

    Why is it so easy to get caught up in chaos, but it's sometimes so difficult to slow down and enjoy the moment? Thanks for the reminders to "slow down, we move too fast . . . got to make the moment last . . ." (That was for you, Max!)

    Love you!

  2. P.S. Check out Trace Adkins' song "Just Fishin'" I think you'll like that one too. Toby Keith's "The List" is another good one. :)

  3. Thanks Auntie Steph! I'll check out those songs:) I love that Max already has this attitude-- just feeling groovy right where he is.

  4. Great reminder Lynley! It seems that no matter where we are, there is always someplace else off in the future that seems like it would be better and happier when the truth is that the thing that makes those places and moments happy is very often the times and places we've visited before and the people we've developed relationships with along the way. Tell Max hi for me! :)

  5. As usual, your insights are incredible and spot on, Lynley! I know how hard pregnancy can be at times and the waiting to meet that amazing little person can seem endless but there is something so incredibly special and sacred about that time that is just yours and your baby's. Treasure every moment - I know you will. The sun is shining today! :)