Thursday, April 4, 2013

Around Here// 6 Weeks & Counting

I asked Danny's sister to snap a photo of us at our family Easter party. I realized we haven't really got any pictures of us together with my growing belly. Before we know it we'll be holding our little guy in our arms!

Just 6 weeks until our due date--though I still feel a bit nervous that he may be coming early. Although I don't feel too well these days, I am begging him to hang in there as long as possible so that he can be healthy and strong. It's already proving to be a very busy month for us, and I think the next few weeks may just fly by. We'll be taking it one day at a time.

Oh, I just can't wait to meet this little boy! He already has my heart completely.  



  1. Such a sweet family photo! Can't wait to see Max in the mix too. Tell that cute little cupcake to "keep baking til he's done," ok?

    I'm excited to come out for a visit soon. I will spoil you with GF/DF treats and anything else you need, k?

    Love you bunches!!

    1. Thanks Steph! I think the picture will be all the cuter once he's in our arms:) GF/DF treats... sounds good to me! I've got to make some of my oatmeal cookies for you. They are quite delicious! I'm going to make a big batch and freeze them this month.

    2. Oatmeal cookies . . . yummy!! :)

  2. thank you for your kind comment!:)

    best wishes for the future!

  3. I didn´t know you are pregnant. Congrats! Wonderful picture of you two. Wish I had thought of that (didn´t neighter of the pregnacies)