Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life Through the Lens// New Life

It's my favorite time of year! Everything is coming to life and the world is colorful again! My camera and I are very happy to take it all in. It's quite symbolic that in just a few short weeks a new little life will be born, and our new life as a family will begin. Knowing that Max would be coming in the Spring kept me going during such a long chilly winter. I knew the lovely spring blossoms would usher in this new season of our lives, and I've been anxiously looking forward to their arrival for so long!

Over the weekend we took a few photos down at the farm--I snapped a few shots of the blossoms, and Danny played photographer for a mini maternity shoot. He's such a good sport... and quite the talented photographer!! Though I'm a bit self-conscious about sharing photos of myself, I thought I'd share a few, because this is our story right now; and it's a part of the story that means so much to me.

I think I love this season more than ever.



  1. Cute pics all around! Love the belly shots. :)

    Earlier today, I spend a glorious afternoon at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with my friend Erica. Everything was in bloom and the sun was shining -- I even saw a few friendly squirrels and a lizard stopped by to say hello. I love springtime!

  2. Aw I love you friend! You look so pretty! It is amazing what a boost for the spirits springtime is. We have been on cloud nine now that sunshine has been more abundant.

  3. You look absolutely darling! I'm so excited for you, Danny, and little Max!