Friday, April 12, 2013

Life From the Passenger Seat// Day of Rest?

Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, but somehow it's always one of the busiest days of the week. Last Sunday, in between sessions of General Conference, we took the opportunity to go for a little drive. It was lovely! The sun was shining and the trees were all in bloom. It was so nice to enjoy a slow paced, leisurely afternoon together. On the other hand, life kind of feels like one great big busy Sunday right now... I'm supposed to be resting as much as I can--but staying down seems like the last thing I want to do.

We had a little fright earlier this week, and it looked like Baby Max was on his way the other night. If things continue progressing as they have, he may indeed be coming sooner than his expected due date. We have five weeks to go until May 18th, but the doctor said to be prepared for anything from a day to three weeks! Yikes! We're trying to prepare for any scenerio. We want to be ready for an early delivery, while still remaining open to waiting out the entire five weeks--so as not to drive ourselves crazy if three weeks pass and he still hasn't come.

So, yes. It's getting very real, and it hit us just how much we still need to do before Max's arrival. Yesterday we purchased a diaper bag and a coming home outfit for the baby. (Hello cutest tiny outfit ever!) Tonight we will be getting our whooping cough vaccinations, buying a car seat, and putting together our hospital bag. We're getting ready, nervous, and very excited all at once. (Insert squeal of nervous excitement here.) Ready or not...

I'll keep you posted!


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  1. Here's hoping your good "cart-ma" from today lets M stay where he is for a little while longer. Til then, good luck with all the prep work! Let me know if we can help with anything from out here. :) Love you most and more!