Monday, April 22, 2013

Around Here// Birthday Boy

Happy 30th birthday to my sweetheart Danny! He's not into big celebrations, but I hope to make today a special day for him. We're planning on dinner together tonight and little family party on Saturday. I will attempt to make a cake without ruining it this year. (For some reason I have the worst luck with his birthday cakes).

Oh... and I'll be going to the doctor to see how little Max is doing today too. He gave us another scare yesterday and we've wondered if perhaps he is looking to join in on the birthday fun. That could put a hitch in our party plans, but I don't think we'd mind. One way or another, today we will celebrate!



  1. Happy Birthday to your Danny-boy!! Hope you are able to celebrate and bake with much success.

    Oh, M! He just wants to be part of the fun, doesn't he? Tell the little bug to be patient -- we will make him a cake when he gets here too. :)

    Love you all bunches!!

  2. Oh Boy!!! The big 3-0! I hope it is a great one! I'm sure your cake will turn out wonderfully. I hope you and little Max are well. Keep us posted!