Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life Through the Lens// Dolly and Lincoln

I really can't say how happy the warmer weather is making me. Miss Dolly and I love heading over to Mom and Dad's home in the afternoon for a little playtime with the kids. We all just head straight for the backyard. The littles play ball, make messes in the dirt, and run; I try to keep my camera handy to capture it all. I love seeing how well Dolly plays with the kids. It looks like she's trying to convince Lincoln to sneak her some treats or something in the later photo. He's thinking very carefully about it--"hmmm... will we get in trouble for this?"

Yesterday Max was so active while we were playing outside... I think he wanted me to be sure to recognize that he was there too... He's anxious to come and be part of the fun! Soon little one. Soon! 


  1. Love the pictures! Lincoln and Dolly look so happy together! It looks like they have a great time playing!

  2. These pictures make me smile all over! :)