Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Through the Lens// Sunshine

I'm itching to take some photos with a bit of color and life in them!! Spring is coming, but everything is still a bit drab and lifeless around here.

I was looking through my recent photos for something that had a bit of sunshine and cheer to it, and I found this one... the last shot I took as we were leaving Las Vegas back in January. The sunny colors and leaning palm trees make me want to ride a bicycle to the beach, drink lemonade, and breath in salty ocean air... daydream much? (Ironically, I took this photo in a pretty slummy part of town--not at all like the lovely daydream I just described. Reality is overrated sometimes.) 

Be back soon with some scrapbooking pages to share...


1 comment:

  1. Love the pic and the reminder of sunshine. I think it's perfect, actually, that this rather seedy spot of town inspired you to think of sunshine, ocean waves and bike rides. What a great reminder that we can find quiet moments of beauty and reflection no matter where we might be.

    Love you!