Monday, September 30, 2013

Around Here// Hello Dolly

Little Max still has a very unhappy tummy. We are hoping it gets sorted out soon. He is such a trooper through it all.

Our first baby, Miss Dolly, has also had a hard time these last five months. She's had a serious case of puppy depression and anxiety--not joking. The adjustment of a baby in the home has really been tough for her.

We got her into a new vet and he prescribed some puppy meds that finally seem to be helping. She runs and plays harder, she has an appetite back, and she just seems to be a bit more at ease. Such a relief!

Here's to happier healthy littles. (and a happier healthier mama too...)


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  1. Love these pictures of a happy Bear with the pretty marigolds. Both of her kitty cousins are playing the anxiety game too these days and it's major stress. Crazy little nuggets . . . but we sure do love them! I'm so glad Bear is responding well to the meds and the new vet -- so good to see her happy and healthy. I'm praying lots that the rest of the family -- Momma, M and all! -- will be there soon too. Love you lots!