Saturday, September 14, 2013

Around Here// Poor Baby

Because i don't have the energy to rewrite all of this, but I know some of you don't use facebook, here is what we have been up to the last few days, with the most recent on top:

Update on Max: They sent us home with him this afternoon but we have to keep him under very close observation. He is still at high risk of having to return to the hospital again. Basically, they believe he had what is called an intucesseption (spelling?) which is where the intestines fold over themselves and it can be very dangerous. At a very scary point yesterday he wasn't responding and I couldn't wake him up. They think the problem repaired itself, but he is at high risk of it happening again. If it happens again and doesn't repair itself, he would need immediate surgery. He also has a very contagious bacterial infection, so we are not able to have any visitors and need to keep him in while things clear up. Thank you all so much for your support and prayers. We believe they have really kept him so strong and carried us through some very frightening moments. He keeps smiling and we are trying to do the same:)

Thank you all for your concern and interest in our little Max. We so appreciate your kind words and prayers. They have meant so much to us. It was another very difficult day but he is in the hospital getting treatment and hopefully things will start improving soon. He has really been through a lot and yet he still smiles at all the nurses and staff. We are continually impressed with his strength, patience, and cheerful attitude.

We've spent the entire day in and out of the hospital/radiology with little Max. Everyone has been so kind and gentle with him. They had a pediatric surgeon on call waiting to do emergency surgery tonight but after a second ultrasound decided not to. They have involved a team of doctors up at Primary Childrens Hospital and are working to figure out what is wrong. Now they are thinking he has some sort of bacterial infection. They sent us home for the night. We are praying that his fever doesn't spike again and that he will be able to keep food down tonight. Thanks to all of you who have been concerned and praying for him. We are so grateful for our little miracle boy who continues to smile even in the toughest circumstances.


  1. How we love our sweet lil' man! There have been many tears shed and many, MANY prayers uttered for him -- and his momma and daddy. How grateful we are for the ability to stay connected with you even when we live so far away. Sending much love and continuing to pray for M's strength, health and happiness.

    Love from 'Bama,
    Steffie and John

  2. Lynley, I am so sorry to hear about little Max. I figured ou something was wrong when I read Brett's post. We will add Max to our prayers that all will be well. What an amazing little guy. We love you!