Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life Through the Lens// Fleeting Moments

Sweet little Max cried and cried all day yesterday. The way our day was going, I didn't think I would get to take any five month birthday photos. He is happiest outside, so we go out and sit on the lawn a lot. I took him out one last time before dark and since he was so happy I grabbed my camera. I managed to snap a few shots just as the sun was going down. Golden light and a happy baby-- it only lasted a few minutes but it was lovely.



  1. Oh those blue, BLUE eyes of his and such a sweet face! So glad you were able to snap a few 5 month birthday pictures of M. I'm glad he loves the outdoors and happy that being outside helped to soothe him yesterday -- even if only momentarily. Sending love and hugs from 'Bama!

  2. These photos are so sweet! I've been thinking about you guys lots. Sure do love you friend!