Monday, September 23, 2013

Growing up// Max at 5 Months

Five Months old today. How did that happen? Seriously, I am a bit in shock over it.

Max at five Months:
Max loves books. He loves to lay on his tummy and read.
He loves looking at Dolly and is starting to reach for a handful of fur. I play interference.
He loves rolling over on his tummy.
His hair is growing back nice and thick.
He loves going for walks and being outside.
His Daddy can make him laugh the hardest.
He knows just how to make me laugh with the silliest faces. He loves to get a laugh out of me.
He is learning to play Peek a Boo and pulls his burp rag over his eyes all the time.
His fourth month was not an easy one for he or mommy. Not much sleep and a lot of tears.
He is our little fighter. 
He continues to smile even when he doesn't feel well.
He continues to be the light of our lives.
He has proved himself time and time again to be a very patient, determined, and strong boy.
He has been the recipient of many faithful prayers. He is truly loved by so many.
His optimism is an inspiration to us all.

He still isn't back to his good health. The digestive issues continue to be a major problem and he just doesn't feel well most of the time. Until the inflammation in his little tummy heals he continues to be at risk of another hospitalization. We are praying things will improve soon. We love him more and more every day.


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  1. 5 months already? WOW!! I am so glad that Maxwell the "Air Bear" arrived in time for the celebration. :) I love these pictures -- the one of M and Bear reading together is my favorite I think, though everyone does have those snuggly, kissable cheeks in them.

    How I pray that the wee laddie will feel better soon. Those tummy troubles must be miserable for him and for his momma and daddy . . . and puppy too. Uncle John, Angel, Joe and I -- plus the rest of M's fan club/village -- are all praying that health and happiness will come to him soon. In the meantime, what a testament this little guy is of smiling through the tears. We can all learn a lot from his strength and determination. How I love this lil' man!

    Happy 5 Month Birthday!! Steffie loves you bunches!